mardi 17 mai 2011

How to Stop and Smell the Flowers

'Stop and smell the flowers', is a saying that is really not related to flowers at all. It is a reminder, a message, for each of us, to stop rushing, stop working late, time passes quickly. Stop and enjoy the day, the moment and the minute. Each minute that you miss, is time lost and will not return to you again.
  1. Take time to spend time with your family. Make sure you take at least one day a week, to go on a picnic together, or a drive in the country. Be with your kids and spouse and leave your cell phone at home.
  2. Remember dates, and celebrate birthdays together. Remember that your child, who may be 5 years old today, will never be that age again. Share with them their interests. Read to them, talk to them and hug them. Before you know it, they will be grown and will be too embarrassed to be hugged by a parent.
  3. Make a special dinner for your husband,and set the table with the good dishes that you save for company. The best company that you can entertain is your own family, and your own husband.
  4. Bring home a gift for your wife. Remember how excited you were, when you were dating and could not wait to see her. Relive that day, and make that day special again. She still loves flowers, so make sure you bring home a bouquet at least once a week. Surprises bring affection and a lasting relationship.
  5. Laugh together. It is easier to laugh than fight. Remember that time is fleeing, so enjoy what you can, together, now!! Do not wait until tomorrow, as tomorrow may never come.
  6. Stop! Take a deep breath! Look around you, your home, your family, your pets and appreciate them. Working too late, or rushing around, therefore missing your child's hockey game, or little league or their piano recital will remain in their minds forever. Find time to share with them, whenever it comes. Come home early no matter what, just to be there for your child.
  7. Stop and smell the roses, because before you know it, the roses have withered and wilted and have gone forever.
(How to Stop and Smell the Flowers on WikiHow)


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